Find support and guidance as you define your academic goals and plans.

In Princeton’s advising community model, you have several kinds of advisers. They collaborate to help with everything from planning your courses to managing inevitable periods of stress. If you are uncertain about which adviser to consult, simply ask your assistant dean for studies.

Before You Arrive

The opportunity to connect with your advising network begins before you arrive on campus. During the summer before your first year at Princeton, you will be assigned a team of advisers who will help you prepare for your first academic experiences on campus and guide your progress once you arrive.

At Princeton

Once you arrive at Princeton, your community of advisers continues to grow, supporting you each step of the way.

Useful Information

Advice for New Students

Take advantage of advising resources before and after you arrive at Princeton.

Begin planning now

Academic Advising in Your Residential College

Get help from your residential college dean and assistant dean for studies.

Consult with your deans

Faculty Advisers

Create or adjust your course schedule and make academic plans.

Work with your faculty adviser