Enroll in courses aligned with your interests with the help of your faculty adviser.

From considering your plans and interests to going over plans with your adviser, the course enrollment process is designed to keep you on track towards degree completion. Your faculty adviser is your partner as you vet your course options and plan to enroll. Begin to work with them early to ensure that you have time to fully consider your options–including those they can help you uncover.

Useful Information

Course Changes and P/D/F Election

Learn how the add/drop period works and understand how it can benefit you.

Manage your schedule

Academic Advising

Define and progress on your academic path with the help of a community of academic advisers.

Connect with advisers

Course Placement

Plan a course schedule that aligns with your goals and academic readiness.

Build a strong foundation

Choosing a Major

Explore the curriculum before deciding on your major, which serves as your academic home.

Find your fit