Get ahead in your degree progress, stay active academically during a leave, or remediate a course deficiency.

While there are limitations to the number and kind of courses taken at a university other than Princeton that will be transferred for Princeton credit, pre-approved transfer courses can keep you on track with your academic plans. Typically, transfer courses are taken during the summer. As you begin planning, consider where a course fits within your plans: When in the summer will you be able to commit to a 4-6 week summer course? Is the location of the university where you take the course convenient to where you live?

A pre-approval must be received before taking an external course, and it cannot be granted retroactively. To facilitate this process, please collect all of the relevant course information and follow all steps of the pre-approval process with care. 

The deadline to submit an application for summer transfer credit is Dean's Date of the spring term.

After the Course: Request an Official Transcript

Credit for non-Princeton courses will be processed upon receipt of an official transcript. We cannot accept transcripts directly from students. Instead, they need to be submitted by the host institution directly to your dean or assistant dean for studies, or sent directly to your college office via mail. 

Transcripts for courses taken outside the U.S. should be mailed to: Dr. Gisella Gisolo, Director, Study Abroad Program, Louis A. Simpson Building, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544.