Treat your Princeton education as an invitation to explore. 

As a Princeton student, you have the extraordinary opportunity of four years in which to try out new fields, develop your mind, and expand your sense of what's possible. Through coursework and other academic experiences you will:

  • Grow in your ability to think analytically and read critically

  • Learn to write clearly and speak persuasively

  • Develop and test hypotheses

  • Fashion and sustain convincing interpretations or proofs 

Choose your courses—and, later, your major field—because the work engages your imagination and expands your intellectual horizons. That’s the intersection where you will find the inspiration that can shape your future. 

A Course of Study that Rewards Exploration

Princeton’s general education requirements, departmental majors, minors, interdisciplinary certificate programs, and junior and senior independent work provide a broad outline for your course of study. Along the way, be sure to take time for complementary opportunities like research, study abroad, and internships. Sometimes these experiences unlock previously unconsidered paths, or reaffirm your passions and plans.

Keep in mind that breadth and depth are equally important. Familiarize yourself with your options, along with requirements and prerequisites, so that you can look ahead and think carefully about the best ways to take advantage of the remarkable teaching that Princeton offers you.