Explore Princeton's two undergraduate degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.).

The A.B. degree is offered in humanities, social science, and natural science departments, while the B.S.E. degree is awarded by the six departments of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. All programs of study are consistent with Princeton’s ideals of a liberal arts education that emphasize breadth across multiple fields of study and depth in one, achieved through your course of study and independent work. 

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Faculty Advisers

Create or adjust your course schedule and make academic plans.

Work with your faculty adviser

Independent Work

Showcase the impact of your Princeton education through a junior project, senior thesis, and other independent work.

Apply your studies

Course Placement

Plan a course schedule that aligns with your goals and academic readiness.

Build a strong foundation

Princeton Placement Tests

Plan your courses with the benefit of placement tests in selected subjects in the languages and science.

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