Understand what’s involved if you are considering a change.

Every year some students choose to switch from one degree program to the other or to change their major. Permission is granted for such changes on a case-by-case basis.

Changing Between A.B. and B.S.E. Candidacy

If you are switching to the B.S.E. program, you must plan to meet the basic first-year B.S.E. requirements, especially in physics and math. If you are switching to the A.B. program, you must plan for the A.B. language requirement.

As an entering student, you will be given an opportunity to request a degree change over the summer. (See the timeline for the deadline.) If you are considering a degree candidacy change after the school year begins, consult first with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (258-4554, Room C-209), and then with your residential college dean or assistant dean for studies.

Changing Your Departmental Major

Changes of departmental majors are rare, but they are possible. You must have the new department's permission to join the major, and you must complete all the requirements for your new major, including independent work requirements. This means that the further you have progressed in your college career, the harder it becomes to change majors. A junior paper written for one department may be acceptable to your new department or it may be possible to write new junior independent work, if necessary, during the summer following junior year. If you are considering a change of major, please fill out the Application to Transfer Departmental Major form and make an appointment to see your residential college dean to discuss your proposed program of study.