Experience different ways of knowing and engage with the world through Princeton’s general education requirements.

While you will major in a specific discipline, exposure to a variety of disciplines and other kinds of knowledge will enhance your ability to discern which questions can be answered using methods within your field and which require other approaches.

Broad exploration not only helps you identify the right intellectual tools for the task at hand; it also deepens our collective respect for the variety of ways humans seek to understand our shared world.  More than a set of requirements, the general education requirements offer you the chance to develop both intellectual rigor and humility by considering the possibilities and limitations of all forms of academic inquiry. 

Fulfill Requirements

Courses that fulfill specific distribution areas are identified by alphabetical letters that appear with the course information in Course Offerings. Normally, students fulfill requirements by the end of junior year. However, don't feel compelled to rush. Most students find that they are met simply through electing courses in a variety of departments and programs.