Demonstrate your proficiency in a language other than English as an A.B. candidate.

If you have not fulfilled the A.B. language requirement via advanced placement or a Princeton placement test, you will complete an introductory language course sequence as part of your general education requirements. The A.B. language requirement is met through either: 

  • Advanced Placement: See AP table for accepted test scores to fulfill the language requirement
  • Princeton placement tests (see details
  • Coursework: Successful completion of courses normally numbered 107 (or 108) in a language taken at Princeton on a graded basis 
  • Equivalency: Demonstration of an equivalent level of competence (for instance, by completing an upper-level course with a 107-level course as a prerequisite)


You must take the language placement test if you are an A.B. or B.S.E. student planning to continue taking language classes at Princeton in a language you have already studied in high school or your previous school. In order to ensure that everyone in the class is at the appropriate level and that you will all have a productive learning experience, you are not allowed to place yourself into 100-level language courses for languages you have previously studied. 

If you would like to study a new language at Princeton, you don’t need to take the language placement test; you may simply register for the first course in the language sequence (normally 101).