Connect with resources designed for families of Princeton students.

Welcome, parents and families of Princeton students! We are thrilled to have your student at Princeton and to have you join our community.

We’re sure you are excited and nervous about what the next several years will hold for your student, which is normal. Take time to peruse the many resources available on our website. While much of the content is aimed at undergraduates, we realize that you probably have a number of questions about academic life at Princeton as well. You will find information on the undergraduate academic program as well as the network of resources and support in place to help your student study what they love, take advantage of the opportunities around them, and find help when they need it.

We urge you to help your student think broadly and expansively about their time here. Encourage them to take imaginative leaps with their studies; to think outside their established comfort zone; and to look forward to four years of intellectual, personal, and cultural growth on our warm and welcoming campus.

Key Resources and Experiences for Families

Common Concerns

Semester Preparation

Advising and Academics

Supporting Your Student