Work closely and proactively with your faculty and your residential college deans if you expect you will need an extension on in-term or end-of-term work.

The Undergraduate Announcement outlines policies and resources on all academic regulations for student work and attendance during the academic year.


Work Due during the Term

Faculty may grant extensions on any work due during the semester. Late penalties may apply. For midterm exams (unlike final exams), Princeton has no formal rescheduling policy.  You’ll need to talk with your professors individually in the relevant classes to see if one of them would allow you to take the exam at an alternate time to avoid overcrowding. If you need additional help, please reach out to your assistant dean for studies.

End-of-Term Work

Faculty may grant extensions of up to 24 hours on end-of-term work due on dean's date and on take-home examinations. Extensions longer than 24 hours will require the additional approval of your residential college dean or assistant dean for studies.


Students with final exam conflicts or crowded exam schedules should request an adjustment to their final exam schedule well in advance of exam period, in accordance with the policy set forth by the Registrar. Last-minute postponements of scheduled final examinations are granted by the Registrar’s office alone (see above) and only in cases of severe illness.