Find the right entry point into the curriculum using Princeton’s placement tests.

Placement tests are one mechanism for determining your optimal placement in sequenced courses (like language and some sciences) in order to help ensure your academic success. While they do not become part of your record, they are useful diagnostic tools. Some departments also require incoming students to test to determine course placement and, for certain subjects, earn units of advanced placement credit.

You will receive emails over the summer prior to matriculation with details. The dates and test links are also posted on the Your Path to Princeton website. Continuing Princeton students are sometimes eligible to take placement tests, but not more than once a year. Please reach out to your assistant dean for studies or to the relevant department to inquire.

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Advanced Placement

Enter upper-level courses, fulfill certain requirements, or attain advanced standing.

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The Language Requirement

Enhance your studies by learning another language and access new insight along the way.

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